474 (Hamburg)
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474 (Hamburg)

Type 474
Manufacturer Alstom, Bombardier
Operater DB
Construction 1996
Electric system AC : 15000V 16.7Hz
Maximum speed 100 km/h
Number built 112 (3 cars)
Service S Bahn : Local train
Capacity 3 cars : 208 persons
S Bahn for Buxtehude

▲ S Bahn for Buxtehude

Seat (1st class)


▲ Seat

Box seat

▲ Box seat

Seat at the edge of the train

▲ Seat at the edge of the train

Back of driver seat

▲ Back of driver seat

Seat (2nd class)

Display inside the train

▲ Display inside the train

Door lever

▲ Door lever

Facility (Inside the train)

Display outside the train

▲ Display outside the train


▲ Junction